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Support for cancer and cardiovascular disease research projects announced

10 Sep 2019

A call is now open to support research into cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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Laboratory tour highlights antibiotic resistance

10 Sep 2019

Local supporters were invited to an evening Reception and tour of the laboratories in the Medical Research Institute in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick.

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Local legacy provides innovative research funding

15 Jun 2019

A very generous legacy has allowed the Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund to support further innovative research. A number of excellent projects spanning medical, biomedical and agricultural research areas have been funded thanks to a Warwickshire resident generously providing the Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund with a legacy.

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Funding news

17 Jan 2019

Medical, Biomedical and Agricultural research funding for Coventry and Warwickshire

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Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund support

19 Sep 2018

The Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund is open for applications for awards of up to £8,000 for cardiovascular disease and cancer research projects.

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Overcoming resilient bacterial infection

12 Jun 2018

Well done to Lucy Frost of the Warwick University School of Life Sciences who is the recipient of our latest award. Recurrent bacterial infections that are resilient to treatment are a huge clinical challenge and with the charity's support we are hopefull this research will lead to effective preventive and therapeutic strategies.

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Industry Partnering day at the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick

23 Feb 2018

The Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund is pleased to take part in this event on February 28th, 2018.

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Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund Training Bursary announcement - funding available

21 Sep 2017

A funding round is now open for medical/biomedical and life sciences projects.

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Summer talk and laboratory tours

20 Jun 2017

The exceptional professional and personal benefit gain from MLS support was highlighted by speaker Dr Elli Pinnock at the recent up-date meeting and laboratory tour for Founders and Sponsors.

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MLS awards medical and agricultural bursaries

17 May 2017

Projects of excellent research quality and range were submitted to the charity’s recent funding round. We were delighted to award a number of bursaries for outstanding research.

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Supporting carefully selected research projects in Warwickshire universities, hospitals and Wellesbourne Crop Centre