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The Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund is a very special opportunity to provide funding – to help new ideas see the light of day leading to exciting advances for us all, here on our doorstep.

Your support is crucial - the more money we raise the more projects we can support.

Please be assured that all donations to the Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund go to fund research. Micropathology Ltd, a molecular diagnostic and research company based at University of Warwick Science Park, pays all the charity’s modest overheads.

Areas of Medical Life Science research that you may like to support

  • Cancer - new techniques for treatment and diagnosis
  • Agri-food training and research - resulting in better food growing techniques
  • Crop selection and testing for changing climate hardiness.
  • Cardiovascular disease – the prevention and treatment of heart disease
  • Diabetes - new methods of treatment.
  • Infection - the urgent need for new antibiotics .
  • Viruses - research towards developing new antiviral drugs .
  • Kidney disease - pioneering treatment to improve the success rate of transplants.
  • Neurological disorders - stroke treatment and methods of dealing with obesity.
  • Obstetric disorders - preterm labour and pre-eclampsia.

Supporting carefully selected research projects in Warwickshire universities, hospitals and Wellesbourne Crop Centre