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Summer talk and laboratory tours

20 Jun 2017

The exceptional professional and personal benefit gain from MLS support was highlighted by speaker Dr Elli Pinnock at the recent up-date meeting and laboratory tour for Founders and Sponsors.  This event was held at the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick. Dr Pinnock explained how MLS funding allowed her to gather and process additional data, adding to her qualifications and subsequent career advancement.

The MLS continues to strive to support people and innovative research which will influence major grant awarding bodies.   Speaker Professor Dowson was able to demonstrate this further. He is a trustee of the charity and Professor of Microbiology at the School of Life Sciences.  The MLS was delighted to receive a very special grant from a local charity to support antibiotics research.  With this, the purchase of items essential for work on finding how antibiotic resistance develops and spreads and in finding new antibiotics has been made possible. Researchers have been able to use initial data from these new assay systems to write to Research Councils to apply for further grant money.  Money is certainly needed for equipment.

All present were invited to view 3 separate laboratories and the equipment used in antibiotics research was demonstrated.

Supporting carefully selected research projects in Warwickshire universities, hospitals and Wellesbourne Crop Centre