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MLS awards medical and agricultural bursaries

17 May 2017

Projects of excellent research quality and range were submitted to the charity’s recent funding round. We were delighted to award a number of bursaries for outstanding research:

Research at the University of Warwick Medical School aims to determine the role of the circadian clock in cancer progression allowing more effective chemotherapy.   

A study aiming to shape the national cardiac rehabilitation guidelines has been awarded funding to practically help speed recovery of cardiac patients.

Antimicrobial research and the search for new antibiotics is essential. Screening of antimicrobial resistant bacterial strains at the University of Warwick to discover new antibiotics is a major area of research supported by the MLS.

Carrots are not only good to eat – they are an incredibly important economic crop, worth an estimated £290 million in 2014.  MLS funding to help characterise and conserve the diversity contained within carrot collections aims to safeguard their value for agricultural improvement and provide reliable, accessible and affordable carrots for us all.

Supporting carefully selected research projects in Warwickshire universities, hospitals and Wellesbourne Crop Centre